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Rhino Mats

Marbleized Tile Top™

Marbleized Tile Top™

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• A matting that provides comfort for people who stand at counters, copiers and teller stations widely used by banks and office personnel.

• Rhino Marbleized mattings are a superior value with puncture resistance that far exceeds comparable rubber products by up to 90%.

• This product is constructed of a 3/32” heavy duty marbleized tile surface, permanently bonded to your choice of a 3/8” or 3/4” resilient closed cell polymer sponge base. Overall thickness is 1/2” or 7/8”.

• Tile top is available in three colors, standard stock sizes and in roll lengths. Edges will be beveled.

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The Awe Factor with Retro

Marbleized Tile Top anti-fatigue mats are straightforward with the use of a carefully engineered closed cell polymeric sponge base. A design providing the simplest and most effective way to reduce stress and discomfort caused by standing fatigue.