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Rhino Mats

K-Series Drain Thru

K-Series Drain Thru

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• The K-Series mats are manufactured in 4 sizes: 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 3’, 3’x4’, and 3’ x 5’ that will lock together to create virtually any size or configuration needed.

• The K-Series high performance design offers “best in class” anti-fatigue characteristics for commercial workstations.

• The K-Series molded cross bar surface assures safe footing while the multi-bar underside adds to comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness.

• The K-Series is 3/4” thick. Available in grease resistant black and grease proof red.

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High Performance, High Class

The K-Series Comfort Tract line offers a light weight, high performance, anti-fatigue matting. This technological advancement features cross bar reinforcement to strengthen the output using nature's contribution, tree-derived rubber. The diamond cross patter surface adds traction and stability allowing this product to fit every commercial or industrial application.