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Rhino Mats

Hex-O-Lite Drain Thru

Hex-O-Lite Drain Thru

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• Hex-O-Lite’s honeycomb design is an example of mother nature’s geometric efficiency, providing one of the best weight-to-strength ratios known.

• Hex-O-lite is lightweight, easy to handle, offered in two sizes and features a built-in interlock system for longer lengths and custom configurations.

• Hex-O-Lite is offered in grease resistant black and grease proof green. Thickness, ½”

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Made of Natural Rubber & Mother Nature's Geometric Efficiency

A key ingredient of Hex-O-Lite is tree derived rubber, nature’s contribution to the elastomer field offering the advantages of excellent resilience, high tensile strength, tear resistant properties and good flexing qualities at low temperatures.