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Rhino Mats

Comfort Craft™ Express

Comfort Craft™ Express

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• Rhino mats newly developed Low-Pro domed surface delivers the superior ergonomics that can only be achieved with a Bi-Level surface, with smooth surface cleanability.

• The Comfort Craft Express has a near perfect underfoot contour, offers a faster adapting surface, slightly springy feel and delivers premium ergonomics and much needed relief the standing worker deserves.

• Comfort Craft Express is a 7/8” thick polyurethane sponge mat encapsulated in an unbelievably tough and wear resistant 1/8” thick solid polyurethane skin.

• When the job demands standing, there are “no substitutions” for a world class anti-fatigue mat like Comfort Craft Express.

• Sizes available 2’X3’, 2’ x 4’, and 3’X5’. Color: Black.

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Ergonomics You Need, Results You Want

The Comfort Craft Express provides the ultimate solution for reducing fatigue and discomfort due to prolonged standing. Comfort Craft Express serves as an ergonomic addition to host stands, buffet counters and many more.