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Rhino Mats

Ama Cloud®

Ama Cloud®

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• Employment in food preparation is projected to grow 23%, with a gain of 2.3 million jobs. At the same time, workers in the restaurant and bar sector are quitting their jobs at or near the highest levels on record. 

• Made from closed cell rubberized foam, this mat is grease-proof, has a non-slip surface, beveled edges and light weight. Ama Cloud is much easier to handle and infinitely more comfortable than the old-school rubber drain-thru mats of past decades. 

• Color: Black, 5/8’ thick, available in three cut lengths and four sizes. 5-year guarantee. 

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Closed Cell Rubberized Foam

Provides all the benefits of traditional rubber mats but with extra comfort. Non-slip, grease proof and built with anti-fatigue properties promoting productivity.